• Well done to the superb Bryna Weiss who has been cast as ESTHER in the US hit show TRANSPARENT !
  • Congrats to the wonderful Miles Western who has been booked for panto season this year, playing the role of one of the Ugly Sisters in Cinderella for Enchanted Entertainment !
  • The adorable Stuart Mackie lands another commercial lead ! This time for Zalando Clothing in Berlin !
  • Well done to our LA client Dominic Paolo Testa who has been cast in the US hit TV show Brooklyn Nine-Nine ! Congrats Dom !
  • Congrats to Dominic Wolf who has just finished filming the role of SULLY in the film Group B !
  • Many congrats to the adorable Etisyai Philip who will be joining the cast of AVENUE Q touring the UK and HONG KONG !! Well done Tish !
  • We are delighted that our fabulous LA client Verton Banks has just been cast in the hit US show MYSTERY GIRLS ! Well done Verton !
  • Many congrats to Kamara Bacchus for booking yet another commercial ! This time for DFS !
  • Many congrats to Eric Geynes who has been cast in a new PRIL commercial lead for Germany !
  • Many congrats to Alex Harvey who next films an ARMED FORCES CORPORATE !
  • The wonderful Stuart Mackie has been cast in the new SEAT commercial !
  • Many congrats (again) to the wonderful Time Winters who has now been cast as CARMICHAEL in the US hit TV show About A Boy !
  • Congrats to Chandru Bhojwani who has been cast been cast in a new BANKING ONLINE CORPORATE !
  • Congrats to Kamara Bacchus who has been cast in the new DEMENTIA CAMPAIGN helping to raise awareness !
  • We are delighted for UK client Miles Western who will be playing the lead role of ARTHUR in National Anthems for the ENGLISH THEATRE OF HAMBURG !
  • Congrats to Kamara Bacchus who has been cast in the latest Wink Bingo commercial !
  • We are thrilled to announce that Dr Who and Emmerdale legend Frazer Hines will play the part of Roosevelt in ANNIE : THE MUSICAL NEW ZEALAND TOUR 2014 !

  • Many congrats to our LA client Time Winters who has been cast Dr. NESBURN in the hit US TV show SHAMLESS !

  • What a great start to 2014 ! Congrats to our LA client Jerry Lacy who has been cast in the hit US TV show THE MIDDLE!

  • Many congrats to our LA client Bonnie Bailey-Reed who has been cast as TONI in the hit US TV show PARKS AND RECREATION !

  • Sharon Lawrence films the role of Carmel in the new feature film 'What's The Score' !
  • We can't WAIT for DOCTOR WHO legend, Frazer Hines to be part of the DOCTOR WHO 50th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATIONS !!! BBC1 this Saturday 23rd November !Don’t miss it !
  • Many congrats to our LA client Bonnie Bailey-Reed who has been booked as a GUEST STAR on the hit US show GLEE !
  • Congrats to our LA client Holgie Forrester who has been cast as the lead in the film UNSPOKEN !
  • LA client Jerry Lacy next plays the role of Lt.Col Scarborough in the web-series DEADMEN !
  • Stuart Mackie will be seen in the new ICELAND commercial !
  • Our LA client Bryna Weiss has been cast as GERTIE in the US TV Show CHASING LIFE !
  • Eric Geynes films the new SAMSUNG ad !
  • Congrats to Candice Onyeama who has been cast in the BT SPORT commercial !
  • Well done to Valentina Cartago who was part of the MASTERCARD Live Event in Rome in August !
  • Stuart Mackie will be in the new ICELAND Christimas commercial !
  • We are so thrilled for one of our London clients who not only makes his feature film debut but has landed a phenomenal part in a major feature ! Production policy does not permit us to divulge any official information yet!

  • LA client, Bryna Weiss, will be taking over the role of LUBA in Dancing In Nails for Theatre 80 (NY) !
  • Alex Harvey is filming the role of SIMON in the film POLICE FUTURE 2016 !

  • LA client Jerry Lacy films the role of WINSLOW in the US feature HOLIDAY ROAD TRIP !

  • Congrats to our wonderful Circle In The Square graduate, Joe Piccuirro, who has been booked to play the lead in the film True Value !

  • Congrats to the fabulous Jerry Lacy who next plays the role of HORATIO in the new feature Cockroaches !

  • Alex Harvey stars in the hilarious new POT NOODLE commercial, Peel The Top Off A Hottie.

  • Frazer Hines returns from making appearances at a further two international Doctor Who conventions. This time in LA and Denver!

  • Congrats to Stuart Mackie who lands the latest KFC commercial !

  • We welcome Royal Television Society Award Winner, Des Coleman to LGA. Des is currently touring with Europe's longest running RAT PACK tribute show.

  • Eric Geynes has been cast in the Money Boomerang commercial !

  • Congrats to Stuart Mackie who has landed yet another commercial lead ! This time for Volkswagen !

  • Valentina Cartago filmed the role of Gina in Holby City !

  • Many congrats to our LA client Adamo Palladino who has been cast as 'Peter' in the hit US TV series TWO AND A HALF MEN !

  • We are delighted that Dr Who and Emmerdale legend Frazer Hines has been cast in the new feature GODTech !

  • Patrick Rowe is filming on green screen a lead in the new video game 'Stormglass', due for global release online mid October.

  • Congrats to LA client, Jerry Lacy has been cast as DImitri in the hit US TV series Men At Work !
  • Congrats to Tony Wredden who has been cast as ESAI in Da Vinci's Demons for BBC Worldwide.

  • Frank Scantori has just finished filming The Minnitts of Anabeg, playing the role of DALEY. He was cast alongside Patrick Bergin.

  • Etisyai Phillips is cast as Little Inez in Hairspray over the Summer for the Aberystwyth Arts Centre !

  • Frazer Hines is busy working on several commentaries for Dr. Who DVD's !

  • Eric Geynes has finished playing the title role of Dracula (tour) and is now in drumming training for the Blue Man Group.

  • Stuart Mackie plays the lead in an Insurance commercial.

  • Frank Scantori played the role of Bentley in Room Service Included, prior to this he was at Regents Park Open Air and Shakespeares Globe.

  • Sharon Lawrence has recently filmed the role of Mrs Hammond in New Tricks which will air in September !

  • Josh Ockenden is currently filming a few feature, Through the Lens !


Louise Gubbay Associates are a Talent Agency with offices in both London and LA whom represents professional actors for Musical Theatre, Theatre, TV, Film and Commercials.

Established in 2008, the agency became quickly recognized in the UK as an extremely reputable and a vibrant Boutique Agency of which had since been tagged as ‘The Fastest Growing Agency in the UK’ !!!

Just two years after LGA (UK) was born, Louise started to explore the opportunities of setting up LGA (LA). It look her two and a half years of travelling to and from London to LA, making the right connections and figuring out if she could really work with the LA time difference from London but she finally made the decision in 2012 and set up LGA (LA).

America has welcomed the idea of a British run agency working with LA and the agency continues to gain excellent credits ! We are pretty confident that Louise is the only agent that works from 10am – 3.30am (GMT) every day ensuring she is in control of both her London and LA sides ! She lives and breathes her companies !

Louise prides herself in being an extremely approachable agent and has a fantastic relationship with all her clients on both sides of the pond. She has deliberately kept the client numbers to a sensible and manageable amount ensuing that she knows exactly who to put forward for any casting in a second.

Louise gives her advice to European actors who wish to take the leap across the pond.


BREAKING NEWS !!!! From September, Louise will personally be running workshops in LA. Click on the link above to find out more !